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The East Jefferson Watershed Council (formerly the WRIA 17 Planning Unit) is a group of non-governmental and governmental organizations that have come together to create and agree on solutions to water related issues on the northeast Olympic Peninsula. This effort has its basis in the Watershed Management Act ESHB 2514 as passed by the Legislature in 1998 (now called the "Watershed Planning Act" - Chapter 90.82 RCW). A framework which provided for local citizens, interest groups, and government organizations to collaboratively identify and solve water-related issues in each of the 62 Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIAs) of the state. The Council does not, however, have any legislative or rule-making power as a group.

The East Jefferson Watershed Council addresses water quantity, water quality and habitat in its newly revised Watershed Management Plan and Detailed Implementation Plan (3.2 MB pdf). This plan and other reports can be found in the Reports section of this website.

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